AML Policy of Tarovision Fiduciaries Group

In its effort to combat Money Laundering, under its obligations and provisions of its Regulatory Body ( Cysec) in accordance with the The Law Regulating Companies Providing Administrative Services And Related Matters Of 2012 (N.196(I)) , Tarovision Fiduciaries Group has an Anti-Money Laundering Policy approved by its Board of Directors, which is in line with the relative Legislation and the Guidance notes of its Regulatory Authority. The Anti-Money Laundering and Compliance policies are binding for all Tarovision Fiduciaries Group members. The current laws define and criminalize the laundering of proceeds generated from all serious offenses and provides for their confiscation. As the Law places special responsibilities upon Administrative Services Providers, after the law (N.196(I)2012) at the ASP; for this entities are required among others to adhere and implement prescribed procedures for customer identification, record keeping and internal reporting. Tarovision Fiduciaries Group adheres strictly to these requirements and complies fully with the provisions of the law. It gives special emphasis on the “Know Your Customer” principles, and the due diligence concept which form the core part of the ASP’s Anti-Money Laundering policy. Tarovision Fiduciaries Group uses a risk based approach towards money laundering risks and performs an assessment of those risks regularly. The Anti- Money Laundering Compliance Officer is responsible for the implementation, coordination and overseeing of the ASP’s Anti-Money Laundering policy. Suspicious transactions are thoroughly checked and its proprietors are reported to the appropriate Combating Unit for Money Laundering of the local authorities. Full description of the ASP’s AML procedures and guidelines are found in the Company’s internal Anti-Money Laundering Manua