There are been many changes in the Belize IBC, Trusts and Foundations legislation in the past few years, on 2019 new provision will be in force :

1. All IBCs must provide a Register of Director, Beneficial Owner and Shareholder. Please see attached the changes in the legislation regarding these requirements. Amendment to the Leglislation 2017 and S.I. 63

2. All Belize Structures must provide a Beneficial Owner Declaration. Kindly see attached the legislation S.I. 62. This document must be provide by June, 2019. Owner’s Declaration to be completed is attached.

3. This December, the Belize Parliament has passed some changes to the International Business Act, which will take effect on 1st January 2019. There will be a number of grandfathering provisions for existing Belize companies, which Tarovision will naturally share with our clients, but before we do so, there are a series of clarifications that our corrispondents are sorting out with the Belize Regulator to ensure the certainty of the law.